6 STEPS TO GET YOUR TEAM MORE ENGAGED TODAY: Discover What No One Is Talking About

6 Steps To Get Your Team More Engaged Today: Discover What No One Is Talking About

By Thad Whittenburg

You may be aware of an alarming statistic that only about 25-30% of employees are truly engaged in their work. It doesn’t mean that they don’t do their job, it just means that they aren’t passionate enough about the company to go above and beyond expectations.

If you want to understand why, you need not look any further than the doorstep of the leadership. They are the ones that set the vision and build the culture around it. Today’s workforce (especially the millennials) want to be part of something that they believe in and that has a purpose. They need to be able to connect with the vision and the culture so that they will be motivated to play a powerful role in the company.

Based on the number I mentioned earlier, you can assume that in most cases, the current leadership is not driving the connection and the impact on the business has been damaging. So, what can leaders do to help get everyone on board? Here are 6 things I recommend you start with:

  1. Look in the mirror first. Are you passionate about your company? Do you show it each and every day so that your team feels it? If not, it’s game over right out of the gate. I remember telling a manager, “I know you are passionate about your business, but you hide it really well”. Don’t be that person. Make sure it’s coming across loud and clear.
  2. The Vision Statement. Does everyone in the company know what it is? Do they understand the true meaning of it? If not, you have some work to do.
  3. The culture is built around the Vision Statement. Every action, policy and approach should support both. Ask your team if they feel the company is truly living it. Mixed signals will certainly have a diminishing effect on how solid the culture is.
  4. Affirmative Reinforcement. When someone does something positive, stop as soon as you can and be sure to tell them, “That’s it. That’s exactly what we are talking about, good job!” This can come from leadership or a peer. The whole company should be doing this.
  5. Team involvement. Everyone should be part of coming up with new solutions on how to improve the business. You would be amazed at some of the great ideas that can come from employees when they really care about the company.
  6. Exceptions to the rule. Too many times I hear leaders complain about someone on their team but follow up with a statement like “They sell too much to let them go” or “They have been here a long time and would be hard to replace. I don’t have time to train someone new”. Really? This phenomenon is called “Talking the talk but not walking the walk” Leadership means that sometimes you need to make a tough call if you want to build a top-tier company. It doesn’t come easy, but the rewards will be 100% worthwhile.

A team that is as excited and passionate about your business as you are will help drive the success that you have been striving for.

Start today!! Too many leaders get stuck in a rut because they are too busy. Well guess what? You will always be busy. You need to make time for this if you want true change to come to your company.

Good luck and I would love to hear from you! thad@kbglobalpartners.com

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