About KBGP

The speed of change is constantly accelerating which means businesses need to have the ability to adapt quickly if they want to stay viable in the future.

Who we are

Kitchen & Bath Global Partners is your conduit for change. The speed of change is constantly accelerating, which means businesses need to have the ability to adapt quickly if they want to stay viable in the future.

The Kitchen and Bath Industry has traditionally been slow to move forward. However, technology is changing rapidly and is creating a major shift in how consumers conduct business. We must be able to pivot quickly and change in order to meet the customers’ growing expectations.

Our Core Values


We are all-in


We are an open door


We believe


We embrace change


We are the real deal

Our Team Members

It was important to bring a team together with varying backgrounds to provide different views for our members. While backgrounds may vary, our teams’ sole purpose is the success of our members. We are truly here to serve your needs to continue to grow together.

Thad Whittenburg


With over 30 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry, Thad enjoys working closely with individuals and teams to help them reach their goals. He specializes in providing education and consulting services for our members to help them find solutions in our rapidly changing industry.

Kelly Thiebaut

Managing director

Kelly works to help members with their talent acquisition needs. With her 27 years of credit management and accounting experience, she also provides bookkeeping and financial support to assist companies in their long-term success.

David Whittenburg

Marketing Director

David Whittenburg is the Marketing Director here at KBGP and enjoys getting creative and everyone involved in the video content we put out. He has spent most of his career in the television and marketing industry, gaining experiences in areas such as design, editing, and social media. While marketing is his primary job function by day, David also enjoys traveling and photography.

Ashley Wagoner

Accounting Liaison

By day, you will find Ashley entering bills, coordinating with clients, working on reconciliations, or any other daily bookkeeping tasks. In her free time, she likes hanging out with family and friends and reading. Ashley is currently working towards completing her Associates of Science degree. She is looking forward to helping clients with their bookkeeping needs.


Director of culture

If we are not walking the walk Baloo can go on a friendly stroll with somebody and hopefully inspire them to get back in the game and keep an eye on the vision and goals. Sometimes Baloo just likes the idea of tearing up the office to get us thinking outside the box.

Sonny Singh

Director of IT

A results-driven Web Content Management (WCM) system developer with 10 years of demonstrated success in innovating next generation solutions, delivering vision, and implementing enterprise content management systems.


Mental health liasion

Copper has had a wonderful impact on how people feel around the office. He often leads mindfulness sessions to help the team relax and and focus on what great opportunities lie ahead. He also strives to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Shaping the K&B Industry
of the future

KBGP was born out of a desire to help dealers to become successful by working smart and approaching change in a pro-active rather than a re-active way. Far from the old model buying group, we are constantly looking to the future. We provide education to our members so that they can stay ahead of the curve and become leaders-in-change. This, in turn, will provide them with tremendous opportunities to increase market share and be more profitable.

Our passion to help dealers become the top in their class drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to become a better resource for our members and our vendor partners.