How Good is Your Company at Change?

I think I’ve decided to start leaving out the word “leadership” when writing blogs or doing seminars. Why you ask? Probably because the majority of leaders in our industry would be more interested in hearing about the proper way to open a can of beans than learning more about leadership. That might be a bit […]

Better Culture, Better Life

Let’s Ring in the New Year with Some Good Vibration Ever heard of a shotgun wedding? It’s like this new thing we call “Shotgun Blog”. Apparently if I don’t get married to 600 words or less soon, my eyes might be looking down a 12-gauge double barrel held by my editor and chief. In fact, […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Bonus Round

Time to Remove the Managers Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the managers that work in our organization along with the ones that have taken control within ourselves. There is a time and place for everything and now they must pack their bags and hit the road. Am I sad to see them go? […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Part X

And the Winner is…. Emotional Intelligence! The Road Less Traveled You are probably thinking, “I have been reading your 9 other Disruption blogs religiously 😊, and you end with some hocus pocus jargon?? Oh God, someone push me off a cliff” Me thinks I know a volunteer but let’s press forward for now. Yes, I […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Part VIII

A Wave of Consolidation Along with Emerging Models We’re back in the saddle again headed for the Wild, Wild, West! Also known as the Future Kitchen and Bath Industry. Before I go any further, I did want to ask one favor. Don’t shoot the messenger or write him hate mail. I already get enough of […]

Kitchen and Bath Industry Disruption – Part VII

The Big Shift in Market share I was trying to fall asleep the other night reading one of my blogs (which typically works), and the one thought that just kept circling back around was, “without strong leadership in an organization, none of this matters.” More on this subject later. A lot more. Quick story: This […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Part VI

Time to Tech Up Your Business Model Warning – Kitchen and Bath Dealers: The Biggest Risk is No Risk I think the hardest thing to convey in these blogs, is the reality that change is going to overwhelm a lot of Dealers. I completely get why people are suspicious of the idea that change will […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Part V

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round Is it Time to Upgrade Your Company Bus? I think we have all heard the saying about getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. That absolutely holds true and will matter even more in the coming years. We’re going to talk about […]

Dealers and Their Strategic Partners

Industry Disruption Part IV They say that no man or woman is an island and that certainly applies to businesses too. The dynamics that go into building a successful company and brand have the fingerprints of many other organizations planted firmly on productivity, profitability, and the customer’s experience to name a few. They are so […]

Kitchen and Bath Industry Disruption Part III

A Mindset of Change Well, I guess I should start off with a clarification of my location. I am not in Australia right now so you can stop sending letters to the State Department about keeping my “deportation” on permanent status! Maybe one day, but for now, I am on a mission. Not like an […]