Why Immersive Websites Will Win Big!

It’s funny that we are already talking about Virtual Showrooms on websites when so many Dealers are still using a hand crank or deposit a quarter type of website. Ok, […]

Website Swept Up by Tornado

It’s Not in Kansas Anymore! You think Dorothy and Toto went on a wild ride? You ain’t seen nothing yet! There are so many things that are swirling around in […]

The Employee Journey is Your Brand

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “employee journey”? Sounds a little like “customer journey” but they were somehow able to change just […]

Kingdom vs Leandom

Happy Hour Is Over Last Call for Leadership At long last, someone rang my bell, and I started seeing more clearly again. Not actually an uppercut to the chin, (which […]

How Good is Your Company at Change?

I think I’ve decided to start leaving out the word “leadership” when writing blogs or doing seminars. Why you ask? Probably because the majority of leaders in our industry would […]

Better Culture, Better Life

Let’s Ring in the New Year with Some Good Vibration Ever heard of a shotgun wedding? It’s like this new thing we call “Shotgun Blog”. Apparently if I don’t get […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Bonus Round

Time to Remove the Managers Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the managers that work in our organization along with the ones that have taken control within ourselves. There […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Part X

And the Winner is…. Emotional Intelligence! The Road Less Traveled You are probably thinking, “I have been reading your 9 other Disruption blogs religiously 😊, and you end with some […]

Kitchen and Bath Disruption Part VIII

A Wave of Consolidation Along with Emerging Models We’re back in the saddle again headed for the Wild, Wild, West! Also known as the Future Kitchen and Bath Industry. Before […]