Flip a Bear Market to Bullish with “Change”

Kitchen and Bath Dealers who can Modernize will see Upside Growth Well, hello again! Many thanks to both of my adoring fans that hang on to these blogs like they were a life raft from Heaven. Thanks for tuning into “As the Kitchen and Bath World Turns” as we explore how a new wave of […]

Leveraging Technology for Process Improvements

In the last blog we talked about the impact productivity has on profitability and how processes are the backbone of any business. Being in the Kitchen and Bath Industry can give you a clear understanding of how manual processes cannot only consume a lot of valuable time but also be vulnerable to mistakes taking place. […]

The Power Duo: Productivity and Profitability

Elon Musk reflects on Kitchen and Bath Industry Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but he did mention “time” being our biggest asset during an interview on CNBC with David Faber which led ME to reflect on how we can get better at understanding productivity and all its potential. Just one look at […]

Your Management Sucks

Wow! That’s a bold title to kick off this blog. Well, sometimes you just need to shake the apples to make the tree fall on your head… It’s also the title of a book that cuts to the chase when it comes to assessing our leadership abilities. More to come on that front later. I […]

Get The Party Started

Step 1. Take Inventory I have started noticing slight changes taking place in the mindset of Dealers and Manufacturers in our Industry. It’s hard to describe, but it looks like a ripple effect that takes place when you throw a stone into a pond. If I were a betting man, (😉 😉) my guess would […]

Let’s Play a Game of Peek-A-Boo

How Kitchen and Bath Dealers Should View Their Business Model In our last blog, we left off with defining what “Transference of Expectations” or “TOE” means which is saying that once a customer has experienced a certain touchpoint from a company that they like and value, they will start expecting the same type of experience […]

Aliens Invade Kitchen and Bath Dealers

Aliens Invade Kitchen and Bath Dealers I think most of us have kind of realized in the back of our minds that we are not alone in this world. It seems like the evidence these days is becoming so overwhelming that it’s almost impossible to refute at this point. The worst part about it is […]

2023 K & B Industry Update

It’s probably time to shed these rose-colored glasses. Well hello 2023 and thank you so much for bringing your 4th quarter buddy from 2022 along for the ride. Did you think a partner for this journey would allow you to cruise in the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane and avoid all the traffic? Well think […]

Raving Fans Part II

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice Holiday season. At this time of the year, I always like to reflect on the last one and set my sights on the changes I would like to see. I would use the word “resolutions” but somehow, I gain 20lbs immediately instead of the other way […]

A Holiday Story for the Ages

Raving Fans – Time to Supercharge Your Program As we head into the New Year, I know many Kitchen and Bath Dealers are working hard to put a budget together for 2023 along with a sales strategy that will support it. Maybe one thing that drew you to this blog was “Your Raving Fans Program”, […]