2023 Cabinet Sales – Part I

Canary in a Coal Mine For those youngsters that aren’t familiar with the “Canary in a Coal Mine” saying, it’s basically an early warning of bad times to come. Ya think? I recently read a number of articles that I think have shed some light on what 2023 might look like for the Kitchen and […]

How Will Cabinet Manufacturers Respond to the Slow Down?

How will they fare? In last weeks’ blog, I talked about the decline in the number of cabinets that are being manufactured today. So, what are they going to do now that the price increases can’t go out left and right anymore? It might be a good time to take inventory of their customer base […]

Cabinet Manufacturing Shows Signs of Slowing

How Your Business Might be Affected by the Coming Downward Trend Woodworking news just reported last Friday that cabinet sales were up 20% in May overall but the quantity of cabinets being manufactured had decreased by .8%. That followed April’s number which showed only a .6% increase on cabinets being built. The interesting part of […]

Welcome to the On-Line Customer Journey

How Would You Rate Your Customer’s Experience? As we move into an era where customer’s expectations continue to change more rapidly, we should take a moment to reflect on how our websites are evolving to meet those expectations. I am not referring to the money we spend to get potential customers to the website, but […]

Welcome to 2026

8th Weekend Edition of Breakfast and a BlogI am sitting here just taking in all the changes that have happened over the last 5 years. When I look back over this very unsettled Kitchen & Bath Industry, I hardly know where to begin. The best place to start is with the main thing that quickly changed […]

Miracle on ice

I would probably just be embarrassing myself if I shared how many times I have watched the Walt D. movie “Miracle” but suffice it to say, it’s a lot, but not as many times as I have heard the term “Transitory Inflation” lately…. Ugh… enough already! I am honoring the team’s 40th anniversary win over […]

The Impact of Vertical Integration

I guess the first thing we should talk about is what exactly vertical integration means. Simply put, when a manufacturer of finished goods sells directly to the end consumer. Now, in the Kitchen and Bath industry, that could mean Builders, Remodelers etc. It could also start with raw materials, but we will leave that segment out […]