Clear the Smoke and Start to Lead

I could be referring to the wildfires in Canada which have left our skies clouded with smoke but the fires I am referring to are much closer to home. These fires are taking place every day within our organizations. They are the ones that are brought on by the lack of solid processes and systems.

The effect on leadership’s ability to stay focused on improving their business is, well, let’s just say it’s smokey at best. I am referring to the mistakes being made on a day-to-day basis which turn into 3 alarm fires that need attention immediately. And guess who the #1 Chief Fireperson within the organization is…. you guessed it…it’s the Leader.

I remember reading an article years ago about the number one reason why leaders can’t find time to work strategically on the business. It was because they were constantly caught up in the vicious cycle of working IN the business and not ON the business. Sound familiar? Yah, me too. We all fall victim to it.

How long has it been since you showed up to work with some grand plans to spend time on business projects only to find yourself immersed in everything but that? Was it last week or the week before? We have all been there and know the frustration it can bring. The worst part of it, is that it seems like a “Groundhog Day” situation where it keeps happening over and over again. Does that happen to strike a chord with you?

Here is the truth of the matter. That may have been okay for the last 20 years but it’s not going to fly any longer. Things are changing fast and let me lay it out like this:

When the business is moving at 10 MPH and the outside world is going at 20 MPH, you aren’t keeping up, but you also aren’t that far behind. Why change and go faster especially when all your competitors are moving at relatively the same speed? Okay, I don’t agree with that plan, but I do understand it.

Now, let’s fire up the world with technology we have never seen before, (something crazy like AI), and it starts moving at 50 MPH. Now it’s time to start worrying a little bit or actually a lot a bit. What do you do now? Bury your head back into the ground floor of the business or build an organization that will allow you the time you need to understand changes that are taking place around you and adapt? Want to know what businesses are going to be around in 5 years and thriving? It’s all about being as nimble and fast as your organization can be. As a leader do you feel like you or your team are change agents? Because that has to be in place before this can happen.  That is a change that leadership better get their head around.

Got a big ego that is telling you that you have everything under control, and you don’t need help? Fantastic! You both will be very happy standing on the bow of your ship as it slowly starts to slip below the waterline. Does that sound harsh? I guess. But to say nothing is like watching someone cross the road and not yell out that a fast-moving truck is coming towards them.

On the other hand, you may think this is all a bunch of hoopla, but do you really want to bet the house on the idea that you will still be in an okay position moving forward and not have to change much? Why not ask your ego if they have all the answers…I have to put a muzzle on mine so I can listen and learn. It ain’t easy bruh.

It’s time to start getting serious and lead your organization into the future. Want to learn more?

Join our podcast “KABS Techtalk” on July 13th at 1:00PM EDT as we bring in guests from our Industry that are leading the charge of change with new technologies that will help Dealer’s get a strong upper hand when it comes to talent retention, productivity, and a much-improved customer experience. As always, the Leader will decide which side of that fence their business will fall on. Choose wisely.

See you at our next blog gathering where we will discuss how curiosity may have killed the cat, but the lack of it will certainly take down your business. Until then, “Get Curious”.