Education and coaching is a fundamental part of a successful business and our goal is to make our members stronger and smarter business people.
Our educational services include web seminars on various topics, management and sales training, as well as onsite consulting services.

Why Invest in Pure Business?

  • Improve Return on Sales by at least 2 points
  • Build a culture that retains and attracts the best people 
  • Help provide unparalleled customer experience 
  • Learn methodologies to improve processes and increase productivity 
  • Create a team that learns to embrace, energize, and implement change more rapidly .

Financial/P & L Analysis

  • Sales
    • Customer Segments
    • Products and Services
  • Margin Blend
    • Margin by segment
    • Margin by Products and Services
    • Customer profitability model
  • Expenses – broken out as a percentage of sales
    • Direct Selling Cost
    • Operations
    • G &A
    • Rent
    • Miscellaneous i.e. Advertising, office supplies, utilities
      Total expense percentage
    • Total expense percentage

Key Performance Indicators

  • Existing Customer Growth
  • New Customer Growth
  • Gross Margin Per Person
  • Margin Erosion
  • Customer Surveys
  • Turnover
  • Product and Services Growth
  • Closing Ratios

People Culture

  • Transparency
  • High Level of Trust
  • Minimizing politics, bureaucracy and silos
  • Give clarity to the vision and mission
  • 360 Leadership
  • Positive work environment
  • High level of employee engagement
  • Strong teamwork
  • Attract top quality people
  • Create raving employees

Unparalleled Customer Service

  • A single focus to serve customers
  • Enhance customer’s lives
  • Customer experience process mapping
  • Create an army of raving fans
  • Grow referral business exponentially
  • Build a brand that customers are willing to pay more for

Real and Simple Processes

  • Consistent and enhanced customer experience
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce margin erosion
  • Streamline training programs
  • Shortens the learning curve for new employees
  • Methodology for process improvement
  • Reduces rework and stress

Embrace Energize, Implement

  • An engaged team that wants to be involved with new ideas and improving processes
  • People that are energized to move new initiatives forward
  • Allows for quicker implementation of changes
  • Helps an organization to be more proactive to customer needs

Pure Business consulting packages

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