A Virtual Showroom Journey – Webinar

Learn how Virtual Showrooms will: Elevate The Bricks and Mortar Game See Customers invest 400% more time on your Website Allow Clients to Roam Freely and explore, engage, and learn […]

The Business Eco-System – Webinar

Businesses are starting to realize that being part of an eco-system is incredibly beneficial to the improvement and growth of their company. As new waves of technology crash against the […]

KBGP Industry Update – Webinar

To our Membership: Happy Summertime and we hope everyone is enjoying some scheduled time away! Now if someone could please turn off the furnace…. 😊 As the months of 2024 […]

Financials/KPI for K&B Dealers – Webinar

Come learn about the KPI’s (key performance indicators) that have the biggest impact on your business and how to influence them. Watch as we dive into the P & L […]