Kitchen and Bath Global Partners Launches Design Services

Kitchen and Bath Global Partners has launched a new service in response to a growing need from kitchen and bath professionals for affordable, professionally-drawn designs. One of the greatest benefits of using KBGP’s design services is the tremendous savings it offers kitchen and bath dealers and remodelers through reduction of labor and overhead costs.

Outsourcing is a great alternative to hiring another full-time employee since it can be difficult at times to predict how many projects you will need to juggle at once. It also allows your business to focus on core competencies and, more importantly, cut costs and improve efficiency, all very much hassle-free.


  • Kitchen & bath design support – Completed in Chief Architect Interiors, ProKitchen, 2020 or Cabinet Vision.
  • PDF plan drawings, elevations, 3D or black & white renderings/perspectives, items list & list pricing.
  • Semi-Customized Design Packages – We support multifamily, production, custom/luxury builders and contractors.
  • Dedicated Designer – Direct communication with your designer so you can maintain operational control.
  • Quick Turn Around – Projects are completed within 3 business days with optional expedited delivery.
  • Competitive Pricing – Our rates are 25% to 50% less than the national average.


  • Submit design requests using our design request form and attach images, blue prints or sketch.
  • An electronic invoice is then generated and emailed to you for payment.
  • Design projects begin when payment is received or per the installment agreement.
  • Receive an introduction email from your dedicated designer(s).
  • Completed designs may include perspectives, plan drawings & elevations, item lists & pricing. (We can also quote projects if you share your multipliers with us)
  • Receive completed design project, review for completion or resubmit for revisions. (Revisions will be charged at a rate of $40/per hour or the original design cost, whichever is less)

**A general Service Agreement is required prior to submitting design requests**


  • Instant Savings! Cost of outsourcing designs vs cost of hiring addition full time designers. Ex: $40k/annual salary vs $15-$20k in design fees.
  • Economy of Forces! Allocate in-house designers time to focus more on building the sales pipeline or managing larger projects.
  • Increased Revenue! Bid & win projects you would otherwise lose and speed up project turnaround time.

Our kitchen and bath design service is a great resource for dealers and remodeling contractors looking to reduce costs. For more information contact us at (833) 898-8953 or

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