Seller’s Market vs Buyer’s Market

Seller’s Market vs Buyer’s Market

Talented Salespeople and Designers? It’s a seller’s market in the Kitchen and Bath Industry

By Thad Whittenburg

In June, the number of available jobs exceeded the number of unemployed people by nearly 100,000.

This blog is focused on not only the salespeople who are looking for a better opportunity but also the companies that want to hire them.

Well here is the news. There are a lot more openings for designer/sales people than there are people to fill them.  Since there is a shortage in supply compared to demand, kitchen and bath dealers need to make sure they are doing whatever they can to attract good talent. It’s important to take a look at your benefits package and know that many companies offer vacation, medical, dental, vision, 401K matching, and a good base salary. It’s a challenge to get a talented sales/design person into a straight commission position when they know they can have the security of a base salary with the potential of commission on top of that.

Here are the questions that potential salespeople should be asking and what their future employers should be prepared to answer:

  1. What is your vision statement?
  2. What is the most positive thing about working at your company?
  3. What is the thing you feel like you need to work on the most to make you a better company?
  4. How are you using technology today and where do you see it heading?
  5. Do you have a training schedule for the first 90 days to help me get up to speed?
  6. How are you adapting your business to meet changing customer needs?
  7. What are your company goals over the next 5 years?

These questions help the potential employee know if your company is going to be a good fit for them and a place they’d like to make a home. For the employer, these questions let you know that the potential employee is looking for more than just a job. They want a place to land and make a career.

The interview process should be focused on making sure that potential employees are getting great insight into the brand of the company. It all comes down to what you are doing before, during and after the interview. You want to make the right decision, sometimes it takes time and that’s okay. Just be sure to let the candidate know ahead of time what the process is and if you tell them you’ll get back to them in a certain amount of time, be sure to do so.  Don’t leave them hanging. This goes both ways.  If you talk a good game and then don’t follow through, it takes away from all the good things you sold during the interview.

Finding the right company/hiring the right person is one of the most important things for the success of a business.  Making sure that you are asking all the right questions and that the employer/employee are providing the answers that best match your needs can make sure that you have a long successful relationship together.

Hopefully you found this blog helpful. As always, I’d love to hear from you.

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