Technology – What’s New and Why K&B Dealers Need to Embrace it

Technology – What’s New and Why K&B Dealers Need to Embrace it

By Thad Whittenburg

I recently asked a software developer why he thought our industry was so slow in adopting new technologies into their business. He mentioned that it wasn’t just the K & B industry but a lot of others as well. He works with several government agencies and they insist on using SharePoint 2010 instead of Microsoft 365 Dynamics which is far more advanced and improved technology.  He referred to it as “User Adoption” which is one of the biggest challenges in getting people to change from their current technology to a newer one.

This will date me, but I remember the days when we used to create designs by hand and we wanted to move that process to a CAD system. All the Designers fought the change tooth and nail because they were so used to doing it that way. Now if you asked them to go back to doing drawings by hand, most would look at you as if you had two heads.

Here are the 3 main reasons that companies are slow to take on new technology:

  1. Cost – They see the expense of the technology but don’t completely understand how it will help increase profitability by driving efficiencies, increasing productivity, and delivering a better customer experience.
  2. Time – Most K & B Dealers are already very busy and don’t feel like they have the capacity to learn new systems.
  3. Change – This is the biggie! Everyone feels comfortable with their current system and processes however cumbersome and inefficient they may be.

Excel spreadsheets, folders that only the designer can decipher along with dashboards and financials that give the owner an extremely limited visibility into the performance of the company are just examples of how outdated processes are.

I love a recent quote I saw by Rupert Murdoch “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow” How true!!

We see so many examples of that in every industry, it’s hard to ignore. At our upcoming webinar, we will focus on the following 3 topics:

  1. Virtual Reality Presentations
  2. Electronic Measuring Devices
  3. Software that will run your business from start to finish – this would include CRM, Quoting/Ordering, job management, sales management and most importantly visibility into your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Please join us on November 29th at 11:00 AM or 2:00 PM EST as we dive into How to Embrace Technology to Step Up Your Game.

It’s time for change if you want to improve your business and become more profitable. Hope to see you then!

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