The Top 12 Things Kitchen & Bath Dealers Can Do to Enhance their Brand on their Digital Platform

I get a lot of Questions these days on the future of bricks and mortar for K & B Dealers and I always tell them that it depends on how you are leveraging it to build your brand.Our focus today is how we can use our digital platforms to build an amazing on-line brand. First, let us start with the customer journey that everybody should map out when it comes to the customer’s experience with your digital touch points. Let’s take a look at a number of features that will help.1. Update your website on a regular basis.2. Blogs – the content that you post needs to be interesting, fun and valuable to your customers. It is not a sales pitch.3. Customer portals – a place where you can capture your future clients’ ideas and project scope.4. Create a gallery of kitchens/door styles/colors etc. to get visitors excited.5. Add a budget estimator.6. Think about how a visualizer would add to the experience.7. The ability to upload a picture of their existing kitchen that allows them to change door styles, countertop colors and flooring would be a bonus.8. Be sure to use something like Calendly or Bookit on your website so that people can set up an appointment right then while they are on your website.9. Every website should have real pictures instead of stock pictures. They should include your team at what they do best–having fun and creating an incredible customer experience. This builds the personality of your brand.10. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever you use should have the same type of branding that you are trying to achieve on your website.11. Use Mail Chimp or Constant Contact for keeping a strong connection with both your trade and retail customers.12. Be sure to post pictures of projects on all of your digital platforms and in your customer portals so that they can also share them on their sites.Making sure that you are using a combination of all these features will have a very strong impact on how a prospective client will see you. You will be amazed at how much customers are learning about companies before they ever walk in your door or contact you.
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