Your Management Sucks

Wow! That’s a bold title to kick off this blog. Well, sometimes you just need to shake the apples to make the tree fall on your head… It’s also the title of a book that cuts to the chase when it comes to assessing our leadership abilities. More to come on that front later.

I was sitting around thinking about where to start when it comes to passing on ideas and strategies that will hopefully help Dealers navigate the rapid changes happening in our Industry. Don’t see them coming? Or you do….. and you think your current business model will be spared when these things start to go down? Let’s chalk that one up to wishful thinking. Maybe AI driven designs will never really be that good? Not something that can produce a design and selections to the level of a true Designer? I had no idea that edibles had becomes so mainstream… 😊

 I understand the thinking because it threatens your business model. Hell, it’s threatening the livelihood of you and your team. It’s scary stuff, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. How many blogs have you read recently that have brought up that AI Design is going to reduce the number of Designers required to meet the needs of the marketplace? I haven’t seen any. Maybe because they don’t want to start receiving pretty designer-made gift packages that have some strange tick-tock sound coming from within… And it’s not only the AI design side but outsourcing and increased productivity…who knows we may find there are more efficient ways to run a Kitchen and Bath Dealership with technology and systems…say it ain’t so!

So, why am I bringing it up? I’m fairly sure I would be remiss in my duties if I just let it slide and kept quiet about it. How does that help anybody? Well, it doesn’t!

Okay, let’s revisit the title of this blog which as I mentioned is also the title of a book written by Mark Stevens. I will never forget reading the one section where all the leaders were sitting around a table and debating about making a change to their business. They were so busy finding reasons why they SHOULDN’T do it. Things like, “we’re too busy” or “we aren’t 100% sure about the change”. (Sound Familiar?) Finally, the main leader told the rest of the group that their management sucked, and how can you call yourself leaders when all you do is focus on finding excuses on why it can’t be done, or it should be done at another time. Basically, kicking the can down the road. I mention this because I talk with K & B Business Owners all the time and that is their go to.

So that being said, the #1 thing you should be worried about in the future? Yourself…That is the thing that should keep you up at nights. Do I have what it takes to lead my team and my business during times of rapid change? IT certainly takes a different type of leadership to be successful during those times compared to slow moving managed change. Those are two different skill sets. Management vs. Leadership.

So, if you are interested in learning more about what it takes to lead through turbulent times, why not join me and 11 others of your peers for 2 virtual roundtable events? I am keeping the groups smaller so that everyone can get involved with the discussion. Here are the topics that we will be discussing during roundtables:

  1. Emotional Intelligence – Extremely important in any leadership role but especially when you are leading during uncertain and dynamic situations.
  2. Agility and Quick Decision Making – Rapid change often requires leaders to be decisive and agile.
  3. Vision and Strategy – Can everyone on your team tell you what that is?
  4. Collaboration and Networking – The one chief method is a thing of the past.
  5. Adaptability – Leaders need to embrace change themselves and be open to new ideas and perspectives.

I guess the big question comes down to:

Are you prepared to lead change, and position your company ahead of the pack? Or maybe I should say change and then lead your company to a better position.   Here are the dates and times on the 2-part roundtable sessions.

May 24 and May 31st 11:00AM – 12:15PM EDT LIMITED TO 12 SEATS ONLY!

Fee:  $199 KBGP Members   $299 Non Members         Hope you can make it!