KBGP Global Partners:
Driven by the Future

Provide the knowledge, resources, and services you need to grow in today's market and beyond

Opportunity is everywhere

Our goal here at KBGP is to provide you the tools to be successful. Whether it is finding great talent for your showroom, easing your workload with our design services, or managing your business with our state-of-the-art software, our team of industry professionals can help take your business to the next level.

KABS Software

Manage your customers, quotes, and projects from one location, while getting insight into the overall health of your organization.

Design Services

Our team of experienced designers will assist you with a design –or two-- until you are all caught up.

Talent Acquisition

Let our acquisition specialists do the heavy lifting and find the perfect fit for you!

Accounting Services

Understanding your business and how a small error can turn into large issues is how we keep your business on track!

Coaching & Training

Whether it’s company culture, finances, or sales processes, coaching is one way to help your company grow.

Marketing & Website Development

We’ll help you find out what you’re doing well and, more importantly, what could use improvement.

Disrupting the K&B Industry

We are not your average, ordinary run-of-the-mill buying group. KBGP is disrupting the Kitchen and Bath industry with a new approach on how to do business.  At Kitchen & Bath Global Partners, our goal is to help make your company more profitable.

Technology is the key to the future. We focus on the advancement of technology and how to use it to your advantage to grow your business and gain market share.

How we deliver excellence, every time

Far from the old model buying group, we are constantly looking to the future and providing educational opportunities to our members so that they can stay ahead of the curve and become leaders in change. This, in turn, will provide them with tremendous momentum on their journey to increase market share as well as profitability.

Our organizations is made of multiple kitchen and bath business that band together so we can negotiate as a larger group with vendors, on their behalf to receive better pricing and terms on goods and services. Most buyers’ groups charge a membership fee, we don’t charge you anything, you get all vendor discounts and training for free.

Most small businesses don’t have the need – or the pocketbook – to achieve high-volume purchases to negotiate discounts. However, when our members combine their resources for group purchasing, their negotiating position is significantly strengthened. This gives smaller a level of buying power they could never obtain by themselves. Many businesses, when they save on expenses at these levels, they have more money to create jobs and gain competitive advantage. 

Kitchen and Bath Global Partners understand the importance of education. That is why we supply a video library to our members on different topics from leadership to finances. We hold monthly Extraordinary leadership video sessions along with monthly webinars. Our ever-growing library is designed to make sure our members grow their profits.